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Welcome to The Swett Group. We design, develop, host and maintain web-based database systems. We also develop custom software such as interactive demonstrations, e-learning products, games and utilities for data processing.

If you would like to see demonstrations of work that we have done, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Meanwhile, we are busy working on your project instead of developing our own site.

existing clients

> email admin: qmail admin
> work in progress: if you need a URL or login for your password-protected directory, please contact us.


Sam Swett   

The Swett Group
PO Box 16933
Chicago IL 60616-0980


We choose the appropriate tools for any given task. For example, we use RedHat Enterprise Linux for web hosting, Mac OS X for development, and OpenBSD for firewalls and DNS.

Made On A Mac RedHat Linux OpenBSD

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